Saturday, 29 August 2009


As you know, a core Jury Team principle is that a referendum should be called whenever 5% of the electorate call for one. We see this as a way for citizens to have a voice in the running of the country and by-passing the party political machine.

What do you think? In a referendum on referenda, I've added a poll at the top right of this blog. Please vote and encourage others to do so to. You could have a very real effect on a core policy of Jury Team.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Fancy a drink - think again.

Next stop - prohibition. The Wee Frees at the Pretendy Parliament are after your wee hauf.

From the Edinburgh Evening News

BAR staff in Edinburgh have been banned from asking customers if they would like the "same again" – and told to offer a glass of water instead.
The move, which was today branded "ludicrous", has been introduced as part of the Licensing (Scotland) Act which comes into force next week, aimed at tackling binge drinking.

Go on, read it again. You're probably not drunk. But it gets better. The Plastic Politicians of Holyrood have more for you -

Some publicans say they have even been told to keep a note of how much each individual customer had consumed.

I suppose pub crawls down Rose Street are pretty much an endangered species now. Unless we have "Water Bars" set up between the pubs.

When are we going to wise up to the fact that Holyrood is stuffed full of third rate councillors who are never happier than when they're banning something?

Incidentally, I've been told that that overblown talking shop has got about 15 years more useful life in it. An architect involved in the construction reckons that the cracks are already showing. The trouble is, it's a work of art not a working building. It was designed as an art installation, a monument for Dewar.

I wonder how much the next one will cost?

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Prohibition of Deception Bill

Intro Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill v2

Hat Tip - the Ministry of Truth

My main aim in standing as an Independent under the Jury Team banner is to begin the process of really unearthing the dirt at Westminster. I believe that the party system itself contributes significantly to corrupt and anti-Democratic practices. The above Bill attracted the support of some thirty MPs, proving that for every decent MP there are twenty self-serving crooks. How can any MP object to being held accountable, to facing punishment if found to have knowingly lied?

This is a Bill that I hope to see enacted. The next election will see a new broom sweep into Westminster, let's see them promise us this Bill.

Forget writing to your MP. With half of them standing down or not being re-selected because they can't stand the strain of being honest, they're a waste of time. Instead, look to see who your candidates are in your area and write to them. Ask them if they'll support this Bill if elected. If they refuse or (more likely) ignore you, you'll have your answer.

Vote for a candidate who will criminalise lying MPs.

A wee giftie for the Nats

Given that the Nationalists will be saving all their pennies for the Holyrood elections and running the Westminster campaign on the cheap (rather like their Euro campaign), here's a wee present for their Party Broadcast. All they need to do is paste in a few minutes of Fat Eck grinning and there you have it - the Nat Manifesto.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Acceptable Ism

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Scotland's Joker - Falkirk's Shame

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