Thursday, 2 July 2009

Like Ferrets In A Sack

Shadow chancellor George Osborne is being investigated by the sleaze watchdog over his expenses.

"In essence, your complaint is that between 2001 and 2003 Mr Osborne wrongly identified his main home for the purposes of his claims against the Additional Costs Allowance, and that from 2003 Mr Osborne claimed for mortgage payments that were not necessarily incurred contrary to the rules of the house."

Well another one faces a grilling. They really are all at it aren't they.

I wonder who shopped him?

The complaint to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner came from the chairman of the Labour Party in Mr Osborne's Tatton constituency, Laurie Burton

Ah right. This is going to be a fun election. They're all going to be jumping up and down, pointing at each other and shouting "Please Sir, Please Sir".

What really stuck in my throat was -

Mr Burton told Sky News he had not made the complaint on a party political basis.

"I'm doing it because I'm an ordinary man of the public who shares the outrage and disgust that people have throughout the country.

Ach, away and bile yer heid ya balloon.Do you expect us to believe that you would be putting on the outraged face if it was a Labour MP? In fact, seeing as how it's upset you so much, what did you have to say about the dozens of Labour MPs caught with their hands in the till?

Speak up.

Can't hear you.

That's right, because you said SFA about it. Get stuffed you sanctimonious prat.

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