Sunday, 4 October 2009

Support Smeato

When terrorists attacked Glasgow Airport in 2007, John Smeaton was one of those whose actions helped prevent catastrophe and mayhem. The next day when his words to the media echoed around the world, he made every Brit smile and walk a little taller.

John, together with other bystanders, acted instinctively that day. Whilst others run away from terrorism, the British confront it. It's that attitude that brought Britain status, respect and an Empire. When Gordon Brown indulged in his fruitless search for a PC "Britishness", he really needed look no further than John Smeaton, a man who automatically did the right thing at the right time, putting himself in danger for the sake of others. How many other Brits wouldn't have done the same? How many other Brits secretly wish for the opportunity to emulate John?

Now John's doing it again. He's standing up for what's right. He's standing in Michael Martin's seat in Glasgow North East. Now a Lord, would you believe, Michael Martin grew to become a wealthy and powerful man whilst he represented his constituents. It's a pity that they did not share his good fortune. They have been betrayed by party politicians who weep crocodile tears at the poverty and deprivation, before returning to their comfortable, all expenses paid lifestyles.

No more.

John Smeaton is an ordinary man doing an extraordinary thing. He is taking on the assembled might of Labour and the SNP, with their hundreds of activists and their media machines of lies, spin and intrigue. Pet journalists strain like attack dogs at the leash, ready to savage any with the temerity to challenge them. With the same instinctive courage that he showed on the day terrorists struck at Glasgow Airport, John is taking them on in an attempt to put an honest man in Parliament.

But he needs your help. The big parties have millions to spend on campaigns whilst John is on a shoestring budget. He needs people to donate time or money. If you're reading this and you're in easy reach of Glasgow, come along and volunteer. Help us to leaflet, canvas and spread the word. If you can't come, then donate what you can to help. Either use the "Donate" button on this page, or go to

Every penny goes to help John Smeaton stand tall against the political machine that has betrayed Glasgow North East.

And ... if John Smeaton wins, how can Gordon Brown remain as Prime Minister?

If Smeaton wins, a Government could fall.

How much would you pay to be a part of that?

Spread the word. Give a donation, then e-mail this to your friends. Bloggers, feel free to copy this or write your own but please, support John Smeaton. Help him get the message out -

A vote for John is a kick in the balls to Party Politics.


  1. Good post. Have reproduced it over here.

    Hope that helps. Good luck to John.

  2. Thanks CF - that gets the ball rolling.

  3. Why don't you try to find this guy as a candidate for Birkenhead?

    I have a few clues as to his identity...

  4. What a shame he made such an arse of himself on TV. Goes to show what happens when you don’t have a party machine behind you. What happened to doing the right thing at the right time then?

  5. I'd rather have someone who "makes an arse" of himself than 60 million of us on tv.

    He didn't know the answers. Would you prefer he'd been prepared and coached like party politicians to lie and evade the question?

  6. Would be an idea if he's known something about something. He hadn't a clue. He didn't even understand the words in the questions, never mind the questions, much less have a notion of what the answer might have been. Imagine him representing a part of Scotland in Westminster. Even George Foulkes isn't THAT much of an embarrassment.

  7. Well, this is something you party types are going to struggle to understand, but it doesn't matter. John doesn't need to know more about Jury Team than this - don't submit to a party whip, don't join a party and don't discriminate. Beyond that, we really don't care too much.

    Jury Team has no whips so we don't force our candidates to swallow every line we write. The important thing is getting independents into Parliament - everything else is icing.

    Ponsonby was wrong to continually pursue John on Jury Team proposals (note: not policies). He should have asked John about his ideas and plans, but he didn't do that. Instead he'd looked into Jury Team and dug up the more arcane points to put to John.

    It's a bit like asking a groom to describe the stitching on the underwear his bride wore on their honeymoon.

  8. Annon: If you like people who make fools of themselves why don’t you have him! And by that I mean down there in England. I assume that’s what you are meaning as there are only 5 million of us Scots. I would prefer it if he knew something about it yes. He did not even seem to know what the Jury Team was. Did they actually give him a copy of their manifesto? If you are going to call a press conference it stands to reason that you should have something to tell the press, yes? That’s what they write about in their papers. I’m assuming you chose this “celebrity” in order to popularise your message (you know by getting it in the paper). Quite frankly a cabbage would have had more to say the Mr Smeaton.

    The man is a joke. An embarrassment to Scotland, an embarrassment to Glasgow and an embarrassment to the Jury Team. Desperate to cling on to his 15 minutes of fame. The Jury Team abhor the tricks of part politics but are not above similar tricks of using Z list “celebrities” to get their message over.

    As for Glasgow East: Jury Team get ready to lose your deposit because thanks to Smeaton you have already lost your credibility.

  9. If we ever stand in Glasgow East no doubt your astute political analysis will be welcome Munguin. As it is, we're standing in Glasgow North East.

    How many people cross the street to shake the hand or clap the back of the Labour or SNP candidates?

  10. So what you are saying is that he does not have to know his arse from his armpit and does not have to know how to spell jury as long as he does not accept a party whip? Well based on his performance I don’t think there will be any danger of him every being anywhere near a party whip.

    Do you really think that the people of Glasgow are so stupid that they will elect for their MP somebody that does not know what he is talking about?

    Thanks for correcting my typo. I personally never do that because I think its cheap and because I know how easy it is to do yourself. In fact I think I made more than one in that last post.

  11. No - I'm saying that John has clear ideas of his own. But Ponsonby never asked him.

    Tell you what, instead of the Mystic Meg impressions, let's see how the next few weeks pan out.

  12. Does he? Shame he can’t articulate them then isn’t it. Yes sure lets wait and see, I’m happy to do that, but you are the one asking for money for your big idea. Based on Mr Smeaton’s performance and your petty carping and cheap shots I wouldn’t bother opening a bank account. Mystic Meg, now that is a good idea, is she the next celebrity up for the Jury Team?

  13. I think I'd like my member of parliament to have a semblence of understanding of the issues before he trots into the lobby.

    I don't say for a second that independence of mind isn't a wonderful thing, but please, it needs to be partenered by just a modicum of understanding of the issues.

    If you don't have the party to think for you, you really need to be able to do it for yourself.

    Commenting on others' typos is a cheap way of scoring points, but convenient when you don't have much of an argument. It has, unfortunately, the unhappy habit of coming back to bite you in the arse. You need to watch everything you write from then on.

  14. And you base your knowledge of John through ... one press conference?

    How shallow.

    Considering his views have been expressed on a weekly basis to over 400,000 people for quite some time now, it could be argued that he has done a better job of communicating than any other candidate. Hundreds of thousands of people know what John Smeaton stands for and what his opinions are on a wide range of subjects.

    Still, it's for his constituents to decide and they are the ones literally cheering him on in the street. I don't suppose you can hear that in Dundee.

  15. He has only had one press conference so far hasn’t he? I think what’s shallow is you point blank refusal to answer any of the points brought up here and your ludicrous assertion that the East Coast is a bastion of privilege. Alan I know you have been to Dundee so I also know that you know that is just not the case. I’m sorry you made such a bad job of launching John on his political career guess that says more about you than him.

    We can hear you, the Jury Team and John just as loudly here as they can in Falkirk. You ought to know that as well, did you not make an unsuccessful bid to become an MEP? And are you not more than happy to quote the declaration of Arbroath? And in support of a London based organisation at that. Will the Jury Team not be bothering with the East Coast of Scotland then? You ought to know you are its Scottish Director aren’t you?

    Why don’t you answer the assertions made here that you are just using John Smeaton to advertise your London based Jury Team. That is what came over from your press conference loud and clear. Can you please make some effort to explain why we should vote for the Jury Team after all Dundee East is a marginal and you might have a chance here if you don’t insult Dundonians any more than you already have and you can convince us that our sitting MP is corrupt. That is the usual way of getting support. You won’t get many supporters by pointing out there typographical errors John especially as I noticed a couple in your blurb.

  16. I had thought that it would be interesting to subscribe to your blog. Disagreeing over politics should be no barrier to discussion.

    But, if you think it's reasonable to have comments as blatently racist as the ones above, then there's no place on my dashboard for you.

    These attitudes are a disgrace and a shame to Scotland.

  17. I tend to agree Tris. I've never felt the need to remove comments before - mainly because IIRC the abuse has been directed at me personally so I don't care.

    Sorry, I've been busy for a while & I've neglected this.

    Munguin - what's with all the "London-based" rubbish? As I look around the office here in Hillfoot St, Glasgow I see a Dundonian campaign manager, three Glaswegian campaign workers, an office manager from Pollock, a fundraiser from Perth, a press officer from Cathcart and I'm from Methil. Jury Team is a support group which forms around candidates at elections. The guy who founded it and put up the initial funds is from London - big deal. The bulk of this campaign is funded from Scottish sources. We're a British group working in Britain - sorry if that's a problem for you.

    John has had one press conference and that's one more than every other candidate - or so I'm told. It was reported in one of the broadsheets (I can't remember which one) that no party has held a press conference during a campaign since Monklands due to the partisan nature of the Scottish political press pack. Lesson learnt.

    "did you not make an unsuccessful bid to become an MEP" Yes. And your point is?

    "And are you not more than happy to quote the declaration of Arbroath?" Yes. Sorry - do you hold copyright?

    Saying that Jury Team are using Smeaton as advertising is bizarre. He's a gey dear advert. I could get far more publicity at a fraction of the cost by baring my arse at the Queen.

    Where have I insulted Dundonians? Pray tell, my (Dundonian) wife will be very interested.

    Oh ok. I won't point out the typos in your post. We'll just assume your sloppy writing is indicative.

  18. Thanks for not answering anything. Just more of the usual carping at those of us who dare to say that John Smeaton is not the greatest thing since electric light.

    I think we all know that John is the puppet and you are the puppeteer. You did not coach him very well for his one and only press conference. But what I guess I am saying is that you failed to become an MEP, so you are using a local celebrity like John to act as your proxy. What’s he going to do when a constituent comes to him with a problem? Tell then he will get back to them and then phone you? What’s he going to do when the division bell rings? Get out his mobile and find out what you think? Why don’t you have the balls to put yourself forward in Glasgow East (you can correct that one for free)? Is it because you have no hope of being elected? And by that I mean even less than John? So I think that the Jury Team are using him as advertising yes, why is it bizarre to think that? I think its rather the obvious conclusion. As for baring your arse at the queen, well I mean that pretty much sums you up doesn’t it?

    As to insulting: Dundonians. I distinctly got the impression from you that we are not listening to the enlightened message of the Jury Team. And did you not say something about the East Coast being a bastion of SNP privilege: something like that anyway. I will leave you to correct me as you are so good at it. You want to ask your wife if that’s true about Dundee.

    So is the Jury Team based in London or not? Are you aware that the Declaration of Arbroath (and no I don’t hold the copyright its more than 70 years old you see) has a certain anti-English ring about it?

    Never mind though at least we now know that John will divide the racist vote between him and the BNP (if they are standing- I don’t know but will rely on you to correct my sloppy writing and poor research).

  19. So does all this demonstrate that the SNP are worried that John Smeaton might do well in the poll and/or that he might split the anti-Labour vote and thus be detrimental to Nationalist chances?

    As for the so-called typo, it looked more like a factual inaccuracy to me, or at least it could easily have been construed that way, whether it was a genuine typo or not.

    And, Munguin, for someone to complain about cheap shots it's surely a bit rich of you to liken John Smeaton to a cabbage; indeed, you allude that he's *less* than a cabbage.

    So what does the cabbage factor say about your views on the Glasgow North East electorate? Will that kind of thing be appearing on the SNP election literature?

    Perhaps not; then real people would have to be accountable for that view - nothing wrong with anonymity, but if you want to throw abuse like that about shouldn't you have the courage of convictions and use your real name?

  20. "So what you are saying is that he does not have to know his arse from his armpit and does not have to know how to spell jury as long as he does not accept a party whip?"

    Well you certainly don't need to know your arse from your armpit to *obey* the party whip!!

    As for the personality politics aspect, why were the SNP so desparate to get bright-eyed boy David Kerr into the constituency, against the wishes of the local party?


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