Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Questions Wee Willie Bain Isn't Even Being Asked

It's amazing how compliant the media in Glasgow have been with the Labour Party and their poodle candidate, Willie Bain. They quite happily regurgitate spin-doctor's blurb about how Bain has lived in Springburn all his life whilst somehow managing to work in London. Good trick that.

Here's some more questions the Scottish Press won't ask wee Willie.

- how long has he worked in London at London South Bank University?

- how many hours is he contracted to work in London each week?

- how much is he paid?

- does he have a home in London, and if not where does he stay and with who?

- does he have a partner or any children?

- what did he do between graduating in 1995 and going back to Strathclyde for his Masters in 2003-4? Who did he work for?

- has he ever been employed by Michael Martin or by Parliament or the UK or Scottish Government?

It's amazing how little we know about Wee Willie Bain.

Maybe Labour are hoping no-one will ask.


  1. You missed one Alan. Here it is:

    Don't you think it rather strange that a man of 36 is still living at home with his parents?

  2. When's he getting his Tom Cruise box, that's what I want to know. :)


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