Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I thought of it before Jury Team

I wrote this originally in December 2007.

As some of the more observant among you may have noticed, I despise politicians. Lying, cheating crooks every manjack of them. Totally useless and actually totally irrelevant. Now that Broon's signed the pink slip over to the EU, why the hell do we need 650 MPs? They can't scratch their backsides without some unelected Brussels nobody giving them written permission, so why don't we just take the opportunity to get rid of them? There are chief advisors for every main activity anyway, so let's just let them get on with it. Let a Dr run the Health Service, an Admiral run the armed forces, an engineer run the infrastructure etc etc. We have local councils to deal with local issues, so we could still have the illusion of democracy.

We trust 12 members of the public with trials where life & death issues are at stake, so why not with running the country? There's not a lot of substance they'd be in control of thanks to M le Sprout in the EU, so they can't do any damage. Can anyone say they would do a worse job than the shower of clowns that infest Westminster now?

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