Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Why I'm here

In a few weeks the European Elections will see something entirely new happening. Independent Candidates from all walks of life and with absolutely no party affiliations will be competing alongside the same old faces. They won’t have the fancy razzamatazz of the main parties because they are ordinary people, working men and women who are being supported by Jury Team. They are all Independents, but they all share the same disgust at the state the party political system has brought this country to.

We do not have democracy in this country; we have a cynical, exploitative system of government that exists purely for the benefit of a small group of privileged career politicians. These people put the party first, second and third in everything they do. Every word they speak, every empty promise they make comes from party headquarters. They are told where to be, what to do and what to say at all times. The party whip system ensures that they vote the way they are told and hell mend the interests of constituents. How else could a million people march against the Iraq War and yet the elected representatives of these marchers voted against their wishes?

These party MPs are so remote from the people they do not represent that, whilst workers are losing their jobs the length and breadth of the country, every single Labour MEP voted a 27% pay rise for themselves. The entertainment budget for Whitehall has just been almost doubled to over £800,000 for the forthcoming year. In the last few days we have discovered that MPs have a wine cellar in London with over 39,000 bottles of wine & spirits worth nearly £800,000. While the country is suffering, these politicians are planning a year of shindigs.

It’s time to end the party.

Every Independent Candidate supported by Jury Team is passionately committed to abolishing the party whips so MPs can represent the people who voted for them. They believe in Open Democracy with every aspect of an MPs perks freely available at all times to the public. The Candidates are ordinary people, sickened at the farce British Politics has become. They deserve to be heard and I hope that the media doesn’t just parrot the lies and spin the party machines spew out over the next few weeks, but gives a fair hearing to the Independents too.


  1. Jury Team is a joke mate, anyone who goes with them is a total joke, a few of my mates found out how corrupt they are so decided to withdraw, from what I've hear a few more have found its an asians only thing, so screw em i say.

  2. I can only go by my experience and Jury Team have made absolutely no demands of me whatsoever and I'm free to pursue any legal policy or objective I see fit. That's usually what "Independent" means. As to "corrupt", nobody has offered me as much as a thruppeny bit to say this or do that.

    Oh and I'm not Asian and I'm the top list candidate for Scotland.


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