Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Can Someone Explain This?

The DVLA translates application forms for driving tests into 40 languages, including Braille.

The DVLA spokeswoman acknowledged blind drivers were unlikely to pass. She said: “Part of the driving test requires people to show they can read a car number plate from a distance.
This is insane and emphasises why we have to get ordinary people into all levels of Government, people who have actual experience of the real world and can use plain common sense to put a stop to all this PC nonsense.


  1. wow! that's incredible, I thought I'd found a bad one, when i signed up for a hairdressing course I was given a leaflet about cutting which said it could be provided in braille!!!!

  2. Bit like the poster campaign for the illiterate to encourage them to go to adult education classes....

    The Penguin


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