Saturday, 13 June 2009


It's a family affair

Six State Pensions
£8m in pay & allowances
2 Housing Allowances for one house.
Employing a daughter as an "Executive Assistant"
Son employed by British Council in Europe
Attendance Allowance claimed despite not attending.


This entire family is a disgrace and the epitome of all that is wrong with British politics. Nepotistic, lying, money-grubbing leeches. They're in it for themselves, having spent their lifetimes living off the taxpayer and now ensuring that the family tradition continues with their offspring.

Socialist? In what way exactly? The only redistribution of wealth I can see is straight into their pockets.


  1. I was too furious to post about this. Parasites indeed and what will the public do about it? Nothing except moan to each other.

    We get what we deserve in many ways I suppose.

  2. I'm raging too, but not suprised. Funnily enough.


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