Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cleaning up Politics



29th May 2009


On Monday the 1st of June Scottish politics will be receiving a much needed clean up at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Like many people in Scotland, Alan Wallace, a Jury Team independent candidate for the forthcoming European elections wants to see the political environment cleaned up. Never one to wait and rely on others Alan and a small team will be at the Scottish Parliament Main Entrance at 1.00pm on Monday with buckets, mops and soapy water in hand, with one aim...

to try to clean up politics once and for all.

Alan and supporters of The Jury Team will aim to scrub clean the facade of the parliament building. Alan states, “It’s time we all took a stance against the corruption which exists within politics today and for politicians to start acting in the interest of the people they represent and not their party line. What we are doing today is a small step but the people of Scotland can make a real difference on Thursday the 4th by selecting a candidate who will stand for what they believe is really important and is free from the corruption which has been making so many headlines over the past weeks. Vote for The Jury Team on Thursday and you will be putting in place a politician who will work for You not the Party Line”.


So, what are you doing on Monday 1st? Come along and join in (or at least watch) the fun at the Parliament in Edinburgh.

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