Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Does Norman Tebbit Support Jury Team?

MPs' EXPENSES: Lord Tebbit defies Tories to tell voters: 'Don't vote for ANY party in European elections'

Source - Daily Mail

Lord Tebbit is risking expulsion from the Conservatives after urging voters not to back the party in next month's European elections.

The former Tory chairman said the vote gave anyone outraged by MPs' abuse of expenses an 'ideal opportunity' to send a message to all three main parties by not voting for any of them.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, 78-year-old Lord Tebbit said it was clear that Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs had been behaving like 'welfare junkies' addicted to abusing their Commons allowances.

'Local elections, the great British public should treat just as normal,' he said. 'But at the European elections, in my judgment they should send a very sharp message to the leaders of the three national parties by not voting for any of the national party candidates.'

Just a reminder about Jury Team -

Elected representatives should vote according to their view of what is best for the country and their constituents and not at the direction of a political party

Jury Team is not a party. We have no whips forcing MPs to vote this way or that way. Jury Team is a support group for Independents who are standing in every region of the UK at the Euro Elections on June 4th.

Nice to see that the people who really know what is going on recognise that Jury Team is the only logical answer.

Hat Tip - Guido

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