Tuesday, 19 May 2009

My Personal Contract With The Voters

(click to enlarge)
I received an e-mail out of the blue yesterday from a voter. He has drawn up a contract which he has sent to every party with a candidate standing in Scotland. I'm happy to sign it and further, I'm happy to make the same contract with the voters of Scotland.


  1. Alan,

    What a brilliant idea? Would you ask your mystery voter if he would be willing to allow candidates in the deep south to adopt this?


  2. Strange how none of the other Jury Team members have signed up......

  3. Give them a chance. I haven't circulated it, I'm not in touch with them, they're all Independents busy doing their own thing. The only way they'll know about this is by checking where I've been posting it online. Why don't you forward it to the candidates in your area and let them speak for themselves?


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