Saturday, 9 May 2009

So What Are You Going To Do About Our Corrupt Politicians?

We're all rightly being driven furious as the news about MP's expenses drips out and the sheer scale of the immorality within Westminster becomes apparent. But they're just the ones in the spotlight right now. The problem exists at every level of politics. Next month there are elections for local government & of course the European elections. I'm sure we've all been angered in the past at local councillors jetting off to the Bahamas on taxpayer funded junkets and as for the "Sign In - Sod Off" antics of MEPs, well words fail me.

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

Start a petition on the 10 Downing St website?
Do you think they give a toss?

March on Parliament & burn it down?
In your dreams.

Report corrupt MPs to HMRC, the Police or the DSS?
The system looks after it's own.

Spoil your ballot paper on June 4th?
They don't give a shit. Even if they only got 3 votes, it's enough to get them on the gravy train.

Vote for another party like UKIP, the Greens or the BNP?
As I've already explained, the party system is one of the root causes of political corruption. Changing to yet another party is just the same shit, different coloured ties.

Stay at home in silent protest?
They're counting on that.

You want to make the system work? Vote for an Independent, any Independent. Vote for the woman or guy who has no connections with politics, is untainted by the greasy pole, who is standing out of sheer exasperation at the bloody crooks who do nothing, but spout hot air all day about it whilst trousering our money. Vote for the guy who wants to paint penguins blue if you want. Just don't vote for a party.

June 4th, send a REAL message. No more crooks sponsored by crooks, protected by crooks. Tell the parties to sod off.


  1. Why wait? For example, come on Stevenage - here's why you need to chuck Barbara out.

    Call for a by-election now. Get rid of the ultimate Champagne Socialist

  2. Planning some fun for next week

  3. oi you bugger, I was keeping the "painting penguins blue policy" under wraps until later in my was going to be a key part of my vote winning strategy

  4. I saw that OH. I actually phoned a pig farmer I know (Ok, a farmer with 2 pigs) but he said he's not sending his pigs 500 miles.

  5. Just donated. Good luck chum. We need more Independents. You're not in my part of the world so I can't vote for you. Pity.

  6. I disagree with the spoiled ballot being of no importance. If people can be bothered to get off their behinds and go and cast a vote for none of the candidates it shows their disgust with the system.

    Whoever you vote for the Government always gets elected.


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