Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Who's Whipping Who Now?

Bill Wiggin smiling broadly as he fills in his expenses claim form

A Tory whip claimed mortgage interest on his constituency home even though the house had never had a mortgage on it, the Daily Telegraph has reported.

Bill Wiggin said he made a mistake on the forms which was picked up in 2006. He said he should have been claiming for interest on his London second home. BBC

Oh I'm going to enjoy this one. I hate whips, the whole idea sets my teeth on edge. It's why I could never have stood for a party. What the hell gives a whip the right to force me to vote against the interests of the people who voted for me?

So come on Bill, how do you accidentally claim money for something you never had? It's like claiming petrol for a car you never owned, or child benefit when you're not a parent.

This is pure, unadulterated fraud. He's stolen money that could have been better spent elsewhere. In fact, I'd rather buy Hazel Blears a gimp mask than see my money go into your pocket. Will you resign now or wait until you're dragged off to a cell?

What do you mean Blears has already got one and wears it all the time?


  1. Hazel Blears in a gimp mask


    I need to speak to Grumpy old twat

  2. In the early nineties I fucked up and ended up doing 3 months jail time in Hull. There I met a man who was serving a hefty sentance for MORTGAGE FRAUD. If these basterds don't do jail time there's something seriously wrong. (BTW I've never been in trouble with the police since but could be shortly as I break this effing draconian smoking ban experiment!)

  3. Hazel Blears in a gimp mask.....cheers matey, I'm now going to be haunted by that dreadful image until I can work out a way to gouge out my Mind's eye.....

    you need serious help


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