Friday, 8 May 2009

Take Away Their Houses

One aspect of all this expenses furore that's being missed is how having publicly funded houses must inevitably influence MPs view of the economy.

Some MPs have effectively built up a property portfolio at our expense. Whilst property was booming, they stood to make a fat profit.

MPs play a large part in dictating how our economy grows. Their decisions in Parliament go a long way to fuelling housing booms. Being allowed to profit directly at taxpayer's expense is surely a breach of rules concerning vested interests?

There's an answer to hand. An Olympic village is being built that will lie empty after 2012. Lots of flats with great transport links to Central London all in one easily policed area. Let's take these flats into public ownership after the Olympics and reserve them for MPs. If they need to stay in London, they get an Olympic flat. If they lose an election, they hand back the keys ready for the new MP.

Oh, but no sub-letting.


  1. There's an idea of mine - (It's in "The Bothy" somewhere - why we don't just build them a big dormitory - hospital beds, lino on the floor - shared bathroom etc for when they are "In London". In the constituencies there should be a Government office (perhaps inside the council buildings) which is available for any MP from whatever party. Staffed by a Civil Servant to carry out any admin. If you centralise everything you take away the risk?

  2. Ado 16 = Patrick By the way!


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