Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sunny D's A Control Freak At Heart

Awwww, isn't "Call me Dave" Cameron a nice guy? Never mind "Hug a Hoodie", the whole country just wants to give him a big soppy cuddle for all the things he's been saying lately. Our new Wolfie Smith has been storming Westminster with his "Power To The People" warcry. It fair makes the bottom lip tremble and the tears well up with pride that this multi-millionaire champion of the people is going to cast off the shackles that oppress us and lead us into the Promised Land. Sing Hallelujah brothers and sisters.


But don't sing too loudly near Ralph Buckle, Chairman of the University of York Conservatives. He might not appreciate it. See, he's just been expelled from the Conservative Party, out on his ear for suggesting that Euro-sceptic Tories might want to vote UKIP if they shared their values. (Why stop there - every thief and swindler in Britain has something in common with UKIP). Sunny D dropped the fluffy facade long enough to kick Ralph where it hurts. Y'see, Cameron is all for Free Speech and Open Democracy - that is to say, he's all for talking about it. You don't think for a moment that he means it do you?

Hell no. A Party man must NEVER voice an opinion that hasn't been approved by Central Office. A Party man must NEVER think for himself - not while the Party pays a lot of expensive suits to do the thinking for them.

Arbeit macht frei - but the Party doesn't, not any of them. A Party man is a beaten man, a whipped puppy, an opinion-less drone.

Your choice. On June 4th vote for the independent Jury Team candidate that is free to speak their mind, free to speak out against sleaze and corruption or vote for the Party man who puts his Party before you.

1 comment:

  1. "the Party man who puts his Party before you."

    Very true Alan. Could the Party be over for these paragons of sleaze, lies and corruption? Lets hope so.


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