Thursday, 14 May 2009

Supporting Scotland

It's no real surprise that the candidates for the forthcoming Euro Elections are falling over themselves to profess their honesty and probity. I've listened to them all - Lib, Lab, Con, SNP etc etc all banging on about how transparent and above board they intend to be. I bet the ink's barely dry on those speeches and I wonder if pen would have touched paper if their party colleagues hadn't been caught so blatantly helping themselves?

I'm willing to bet not a word would have passed their lips about expenses.

Jury Team was founded on principles of transparency and the demand for MPs to be on the same pay scales as civil servants was penned a long time ago, even before the Speaker's arse started itching. I signed up to Jury Team and pledged to publish my expenses online before the Telegraph story broke. Unsurprising really as those that know me online and in life are well aware that I've always expressed my disgust at the sleaziness and corruption of some of our politicians.

Well here we go again. I wonder if the following pledge will be taken up by the party animals?

When elected, I will donate 10% of my Nett Salary as a Euro MP to Scottish Charities each year.

Jury Team is based on the premise that ordinary people can lead by example, as we'll prove every day upon election. In a small way, Scottish Charities will benefit directly from this Jury Team candidate being elected.

Independents think Independently.

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