Friday, 22 May 2009

Suicide Watch? Get a grip?

Heard some Tory woman on the radio tonight bleating that the atmosphere in Westminster is the worst she's ever known, there was "terror in the eyes" of MPs and they're really concerned about suicides. MPs are being put under pressure that is "beyond the bearing of human beings"


But she's talking out of her bahookie anyway. Want to know what real pressure is dear? Try working in a business that's failing, posting losses and making 3, 4, 5 people redundant every Friday. Try living under the pressure of not knowing if you're going to have a job next week. Or being told your hours are being cut or you're going to have some unpaid holidays.

That's REAL pressure.

And the public don't get the luxury of being told "You're losing your job, but not for a year. Carry on stuffing your pockets until then - it's all within the rules and remember we'll give you a £30,000 farewell gift and a pension. You'll get to keep the plasma tellys, the laptops, the photocopiers, the furniture and the house that the taxpayer paid for too."

They just don't, can't, won't get it will they? They live like Royalty, insulated from the real world and they're trembling in terror at the thought of a newspaper headline?

Give me strength.

Sod this letting them step down next year lark. If any of them are even suspected of breaching public trust, they should resign their seats immediately. We simply cannot afford to have thieves with their hands on the purse strings.

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