Sunday, 10 May 2009

A Snap General Election

From Ananova

Parliament should be dissolved if the expenses scandal continues to rumble on, a former Commons deputy speaker said.

Tory Lord Naseby said the status of Parliament had been brought "right down into the pits" and Gordon Brown could be forced to call a general election as a result.

The peer said the public had lost confidence in their elected representatives, leaving a fresh vote the only option.

Spot on. We need to clear this shower out. However, Lord Naseby goes on to say:

The majority of members, I think, do a genuine job, work hard and try and look after their constituents' interest.

Really? What were they doing whilst their colleagues were robbing us blind? They kept their traps shut for the sake of the party. They saw what was going on, they saw the thieves at work and figured the public didn't need to know. They're guilty by association.

Let's have an Election, but let's send back people unconnected with the sleazy political circus. If they work for a Party, they stink just as much as the thieves at the top.

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