Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lining up the Scapegoat

So Nick Clegg is going to try and get rid of the speaker is he? No problem with that, going by stories like this:

Stonborough said Martin had repeatedly failed to confront the issue of expenses. In 2003, he said, Martin lost his temper at the suggestion that his decision to claim a second home allowance on his house in Glasgow while living in a grace and favour home in Westminster did not “look good”.

“He reacted extremely violently,” said Stonborough, who added that Commons officials were too scared to question his decisions.

Too scared to question his decisions? Too scared to do their jobs? I think it's about time MPs learnt just who they really work for and I don't care how many silly robes and pairs of tights they wear.

But all that is to miss the point rather. Our MPs are now going to turn around and blame everything on the Speaker. "Please Miss, that big boy in the tights made us do it". To hell with that.

I was at an open air market thing today, handing out leaflets and just chatting. The depth of anger and revulsion at politicians I heard was incredible. And of course it got worse when I explained why MPs think the way they do, that the Party system forces the good ones to keep quiet. At one point someone asked who was funding me. I laughed and replied "You, if you'll put your hand in your pocket. Come on, cough up a quid to get rid of the crooks." The reaction was astonishing. People pushed forward to put pound coins into my hands. I collected £108 in about ten minutes. People really are desperate to get the smug, self-satisfied, arrogant gits out.

The money will be well-spent. I have a Scottish marketing company who are so sold on the Jury Team concept that they're matching every pound I raise with a pound of their own to cover the cost of leaflets, posters, adverts and so on.

By the way, there's a shiny "Donate" button at the top of the page. Every pound you give will be doubled and will help get an Independent into Europe.

And I'll promise you this, there's no bugger in tights going to scare me into shutting up.

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