Sunday, 3 May 2009

What Does The EU Cost YOU?

£2,187.91 per year.

The cost of running the EU is around £1,085,300,000 per year, or £2,187.91 for every man, woman and child in the 27 member states. Over £1 Trillion a year. Officially, the EU tells us the cost is “only” £115bn but the true figure is far, far higher because the official figures are only the direct costs. The real costs are:
£6.3bn Salaries
£52bn Common Agricultural Policy
£62bn Regional Aid
£31bn Administering & Enforcing EU Regulations
£45bn Higher costs of goods due to import tariffs
£89bn Lost to Tax Fraud
£800bn Cost to business & industry in red tape & compliance
Total - £1,085,300,000

But what financial benefits does the EU bring?

According to the EU Commission, the EU has boosted output in member countries by 1.8%, or £200bn by their own reckoning. Compared to a cost of £1.1Trillion, this doesn’t seem like a good deal.

On June 4th you have a choice. Turn your back on the whole affair and stay at home (as most people do), vote for one of the main parties who have got us into this or vote to send an Independent to say “enough”.
A vote for one of the wrecker parties like UKIP is cutting your nose off to spite your face. UKIP will NEVER achieve its objective of a full British withdrawal from the EU. The cost of doing so would turn Britain into an economic backwater, an island nation starved of trade. We would become a nation of windowlickers, our faces pressed up against the biggest shop window in the world.

Jury Team consists of ordinary people aghast at the costs and corruptions of the EU. We are your opportunity to have your voice heard in the EU.
Take your chance on June 4th. The party’s over for the EU.


  1. An excellent post Alan.

    I agree wholeheartedly. The EU is a monster that should have been strangled at birth. I will support anyone who desires to euthanaise this illegitimate spawn.

    It drowns us in legislation, sucks our public funds dry, tears away our national identity, and adds absolutely nothing in return.

    Only a simpleton would see anything of value in this bastard organisation.

    I have proudly added you to my list of favourites.

    I wish you every success.

  2. I will not support anybody who believes we should stay in the EU.


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