Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sunny D - Waffle, Spin & Shite

David Cameron's so-called sweeping reforms are actually just the usual airy-fairy political crap we've come to expect from the main parties. The PR man is mouthing platitudes and echoing anything he hears if he thinks it will get his arse closer to the big seat.

Asked why the party was not making a firm commitment to bring in fixed-term Parliaments, Shadow foreign secretary William Hague told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "It's the first time we have ever raised that proposal as a party of course we want to set the debate going about that.

Heard it all before chummy. You'll bury the idea in a welter of committees, wait a few years until you think we've forgotten, then quietly ditch it.

But Mr Cameron rejects any change from the current system.

"Proportional representation takes power away from the man and woman in the street and hands it to the political elites," he says.

And there you have it. He hasn't learnt a thing from this. We've still got politicians sitting in the Palace of Westminster spouting the most Bod-awful cockwaffle that bears absolutely no relation to what ordinary people are saying and thinking. He wants to keep FPTP because this is the only system that can deliver massive majorities. And with a massive majority, he can stick two fingers up at the electorate, just as Thatcher & Blair did and as Brown continues to do.

Get stuffed Cameron. We won't be fooled by you and your like again.

Time to get some independents in to start really kicking up a racket in the political system. Independents aren't controlled by the men in grey suits. Independendents think independently.

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