Tuesday, 19 May 2009

SNP - Half Hearted Nationalists

The SNP have launched their campaign for the Euro Elections. Alex Salmond told the BBC at the launch -
his was the only party offering a strong voice for Scotland in Europe.


The SNP isn't interested in the people of Scotland. The SNP is interested in the SNP and the rest of us can go hang.

Check out Vote Watch, an independent site that analyses all MEPs voting records.

Ian Hudghton voted loyally for the party 87.82% of the time, and showed loyalty to Scotland 57.42% of the time. Alyn Smith voted loyally for the party 88.63% of the time and showed loyalty to Scotland 55.12% of the time. There are 695 MEPs in Brussels more loyal to their home country than Smith, out of 777. That doesn't sound like a strong voice for Scotland in Europe to me at all. That sounds like a strong voice from the SNP for the SNP.

Party Politicians are in it for the Party. The only time you count is when they want your vote.

Tell you what, vote for the guy who's going to put Scotland's interests first 100% of the time, not 55.12% of the time.

Vote Independent, Vote Jury Team


  1. What vote for a bunch of folk who we don't have a clue about what they stand for? Do you think we all came up the Clyde in the proverbial banana boat?

  2. And do you think we should vote for you 'cos of your foul mouths?

  3. What do the SNP stand for? They don't stand for Scotland - their voting record shows that. But they say they do. Which makes them liars.

    Do you regularly vote for liars?

    If you vote for the SNP, you do.

    In 2008, the Deputy Finance Officer of the SNP addressed a meeting of politics students at Stirling University. He told them "Manifestos are a wishlist." He went on to describe how "circumstances and political realities mean that they cannot be guaranteed".

    Again in 2008, the courts upheld a decision that "Party manifestos are not legally binding" in response to UKIP trying to sue the Labour Party for abandoning a commitment to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

    A manifesto commitment that a party doesn't follow through on is a lie.

    All Jury Team candidates, myself included, are legally obliged to act honestly, openly, in accordance with the Nolan Principles and in support of Open Democracy at all times, in addition to committing to never joining a party or similar group or submitting to a Whip. Breaking this pledge means resigning and calling a By-Election.

    That's what you get with a JT candidate - a legally binding committment not to abuse the position & trust given to them by the public, to be entirely transparent and to act honestly and doing what the majority tells them to do, every time.

    That's democracy. That's what we stand for.

    We also support referendums where called by 5% of the electorate and to abide by the will of the majority decision - no matter what it is. So Independence supporters get their referendum.

    I've sat on hustings the last few days and listened to politicians saying whatever the audiencewants to hear, making promises that are impossible to deliver - higher public spending and lower taxes for one. They're all lying. I've been listening to their lies all my life and nothing ever changes.

    If we keep voting them in, all we'll get is more lies because the Parties know lies = votes.


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