Thursday, 7 May 2009

Squeal Piggies, Squeal

The Daily Telegraph is publishing a full list of MP expenses. Watch the piggies scuttle around with their excuses. Already they're blaming the office that processes their claims saying they should have spotted it. That's like blaming the Police for not catching you speeding.

It's all bollocks.

It's not "mistakes", it's systematic fraud.

What does it say about our MPs if they make so many mistakes? If they can't handle an expense account, how the hell can they manage a country?


I believe there are many politicians who get into politics for all the right reasons - public service, a desire to help people and change the system. But these MPs MUST have known about all the abuses. They must have known their colleagues were helping themselves and abusing the system. Why didn't they speak out? Because they owe their allegiance to the Party, not the people. If they had spoken out about the crooks, they would have been thrown out of the Party and without the massive machinery of spin-merchants and lawyers, they reckoned they couldn't help people or change the system.

The real criminals here are the Parties, who shelter the crooks, silence internal criticism and perpetuate fraud on a massive scale.

“Political parties, like all organisations, tend to manipulate their members, to bring them
under the control of an inner circle of leaders that often perpetuates itself. Democratic
political systems, while performing the function of representation, thus rest more or less on
the competition of rival oligarchies.”
Encyclopedia Britannica

The piggies can't help it. The Party system virtually guarantees corruption.


  1. This is it

    Enjoy every moment of it

  2. If we were talking about employees of any other organisation, the P45s would be flying

  3. Just when they thought it couldn't get any worse... the constant drip drip of sleaze and corruption is sinking into the public psyche, and hopefully we may be just about at the point where the great British public wake up and shout "enough!!".

    Best comment I've seen so far which demonstrates how out of touch they are from reality is from Andy Burnham who seems to expect praise because he didn't claim the maximum allowable - do these parasites not get it? its a MAXIMUM, not an entitlement.

    Lets start with Brussels and then move on Westminster...Vote Independent on June 4th, and hit them where it hurts...

  4. Er, were you talking BANKERS, Tory bankers. Would they know what a p45 is?

    Politics has a history of sleaze. The last Tory government showed the way.

  5. Absolutely mekap, it's a problem endemic across the political spectrum. I remember the last Tory government well and never thought I'd see such a sleazy bunch of out-of-touch incompetents again. History will keep repeating itself until we remove the root causes - career politicians and the party system.

  6. Do you remember those halcyon days when public figures resigned when they veered from the straight and narrow? In those days, instead of just taking blind direction from their party, they used to think for themselves as well.

    Sally Smith, Jury Team Candidate, South West

  7. The time to strike against the self serving ne'er do wells of the Palace of Westminster is NOW. Everyone I speak to is disgusted and more importantly very angry. However the danger is that they will simply not vote next month, we need to encourage them to either vote for Jury Team or if they cannot do so then go anyway and spoil their ballot paper in protest as these will be counted and reported also. We must as individuals do all we can to galvanise the populace to express their anger next month.

    Allan McGinness, Scotland.


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