Friday, 8 May 2009

Living a life of Fiction

This one's been reading too many of her husband's books.

Tourism minister Barbara Follett claimed more than £25,000 for security patrols at her London home after she was mugged, the Daily Telegraph claims.

The wife of author Ken Follett, seen as one of Parliament's richest MPs, said the claims over a four year period had been made within the rules

There were 33,000 "street crimes" in London last year, basically muggings. How many of these victims got personal police protection?

Her chutzpah takes the breath away though.

Ms Follett told the BBC: "I claimed it, it's within the rules and I have no comment to make".

How many times will we hear the "within the rules" whine?

It's time to bring the residents of the Westminster Bubble back into the real world. It's time to send a message to the political parties that if they don't bring the shysters within their ranks to heel, ordinary people who don't have personal protection squads will kick them out onto the streets to fend for themselves.

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