Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Thieving Tories See The Light

It's a compliment I suppose when the major parties start nicking your ideas. Not a surprise though. As we've seen, politicians nick anything in sight if it's not nailed down. First we had Sunny D demanding that Parliament be dissolved and a General Election called, using exactly the same terms and reasoning as I did when I wrote here on the 11th May. Nice to be appreciated by my readers.

But someone at Conservative HQ must have been digging a little deeper to find the Jury Team site because now they're jumping up and down about Open Primaries as if they're an innovation for the UK. Well they are, but only because Jury Team were the innovators. Here they are with Paxman, about 2:40 in - Newsnight

Just a reminder for our Conservative readers - an Open Primary means the public choose between candidates who put themselves forward, not from a list selected at Tory HQ. If you want to really embrace democracy, you can't do it with strings attached.

Mind you, if you really want democracy it'll mean disbanding the parties entirely and I rather think the vested interests at all the Party HQ's will fight tooth and nail to stay on the gravy train.

So don't expect democracy from the parties really. There's nothing in it for them.

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